Here Comes the Sun - Tissue Decoupage Paper

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Introducing "Here Comes The Sun" Decoupage Tissue Paper: Embrace the Serene Beauty of Cottage Core

Experience the captivating allure of "Here Comes The Sun" decoupage tissue paper, designed to harmonize beautifully with our Cottage Collection chalk mineral paint line. This enchanting artwork transports you to a realm of whimsical cottage core vibes, celebrating the serene beauty of nature. Display it to create a tranquil haven that embodies the essence of cottage living.

The delicate and intricate design of "Here Comes The Sun" decoupage tissue paper perfectly complements our Cottage Collection chalk mineral paint line. Its soft color palette and whimsical patterns evoke a sense of rustic simplicity and ethereal beauty. Use this exquisite tissue paper for decoupage projects or as a decorative accent to elevate your space with the enchanting serenity of cottage core aesthetics.

Transform your home into a serene sanctuary by incorporating "Here Comes The Sun" decoupage tissue paper alongside our Cottage Collection chalk mineral paints. Let its delicate charm and soothing presence create a harmonious atmosphere that celebrates the timeless beauty of nature. Order your "Here Comes The Sun" decoupage tissue paper today and infuse your space with the tranquil essence of cottage living.

21 x 29 in. - 53.34 x 73.66 cm.

4 Steps for Smooth Tissue Decoupage Paper

Step 1- Apply a thin layer of Clear Coat Satin where you will be placing the Tissue Decoupage Paper.

Step 2–Using a Mister Bottle, lightly mist water on the back of the design. The light mist of water makes the paper pliable. DO NOT SOAK. Wait a minute or two for the paper to absorb the water then place it on the piece.

Step 3–Using a wadded ball of plastic wrap, gently smooth out any wrinkles starting from top to bottom, lifting the paper up as you go to help smooth out the wrinkles.

Step 4 – Allow the tissue paper and clear coat to fully dry. After completely dry, finish with your choice of Dixie Belle topcoat.

Step 1:
Clean with White Lightning and rinse with clean water.
Step 2:
Once dry apply Dixie Belle Clear Coat.
Step 3:
While still wet place decoupage paper.
Step 4:
Apply another coat of Dixie Belle Clear Coat on top of the decoupage paper and allow to dry completely.