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  • Dixie Belle Paint Voodoo Gel Stain (Water-Based).  8 bottles of VooDoo Gel Stain, 1 of each color, sit side by side on top of a piece of brown wood.  White beads and feathers are on the table in front of the wood, a light brown feather is to the left of the stain, and a brown woven basket is behind the stain, to the right.

    Voodoo Gel Stain (Water-Based)

    VooDoo Gel Stain spreads easily and blends effortlessly.  Our High-Quality Water-based Stains are rich in pigment, low odor, Eco-Friendly, water cleanup, and noncombustible. Use on unfinished wood, painted and unpainted pieces. Available in seven...

  • Dixie Belle Paint No Pain Gel Stain (Oil-Based) is available in eight wood enhancing colors! Top view of all 8 gel stains with swatches and paint brushes around them.

    No Pain Gel Stain (Oil-Based)

    No Pain Gel Stain is an oil-based gel stain that provides deep and rich coverage for furniture surfaces.  Available in 8 colors, No Pain Gel Stain will provide a variety of different looks to your furniture; all while allowing the beauty of the...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Gel Stain Fan Deck. Displays all the colors of both lines of Gel stains, Deck is fanned out with cards that read " Gel Stain water based - oiled based Dixie Belle Paint Company" " VOODOO GEL STAIN water based gel stain" " No Pain Gel Stain Oil Based stain". Hold different color cards next to the piece of furniture you'd like to give a makeover! Staged on a black background.

    Gel Stain Fan Deck

    This fan deck includes swatches of the following: Voodoo Gel Stain (water-based) No Pain Gel Stain (oil-based) Show Reviews

4 of 4 Items

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