Blue Agave Terra Clay Paint

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Blue Agave is named after the Agave Tequilana plant. This inviting blue-green color is a desert-inspired gem!

Terra Clay Artisan Paint is changing the clay and chalk painting world. This new line by Dixie Belle Paint Company has one rule…..There are NO rules!

Clay paint is the Perfect DIY paint for those that enjoy thinking outside the box. Do you like that Bohemian weathered look? Do you like a weathered crunchy look? Do you like the old-world roman clay walls? Do you like to layer and create? It is Easy Peasy with Terra Artisan Clay paint.

Straight from the earth, and heavily pigmented Terra Clay paint is your perfect choice. Most colors are one coat coverage but don’t stop there, the skies the beginning with Terra Clay Artisan paint. Create for days and once you have completed your masterpiece, seal with Terra Tuff or Terra Seal.

Use Terra Clay paint on wood, canvas, tile, fabric, walls floors and whatever your imagination can come up with. Just remember, play and have fun, that is why we came up with this awesome paint line.

Be sure to prep your piece by cleaning thoroughly with Terra Clean.

Paint Color:
Step 1:
Thoroughly clean with Terra Clean and rinse with clean water.
Step 2:
Lightly sand if needed.
Step 3:
Paint the first coat of Terra Clay Paint and let dry for 2-24 hours depending on thickness.
Step 4:
Apply your second coat and wait 24 hours.
Step 5:
Can reconstitute with water prior to sealing, Lock in with Terra Tuff or Terra Seal