Terra Tuff

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Terra Tuff is a polyurethane polymer resin that is dispersed in water and is solvent free. Terra Tuff is environmentally friendly, low volatile compounds (VOC's) and is a very durable top coat for clay paint.

Terra Tuff has a beautiful long lasting finish that is resistant to water, UV light, and heat, and is NON-Yellowing.

To Use Terra Tuff: Allow your finished piece to completely dry. Stir well before use. Simply brush on a VERY thin layer of Terra Tuff with our Foam N Dandy brush or blue sponge. It is recommended to scuff sand with our sanding sponge between coats. Let it dry for 2 hours and then apply another VERY thin layer. Repeat until you get the desired coverage.

· Great for tables, cabinets, and counter tops!

Dry time: 48 hours - Cure time: 21-30 days

Step 1:
Allow Terra Clay Paint to dry completely.
Step 2:
Stir Terra Tuff before use.
Step 3:
Apply a very thin coat of Terra Tuff and let it dry completely.
Step 4:
Apply another coat after 2 hours. Continue until desired coverage.
Dry Time:
48 Hours.
Cure Time:
21-30 Days.
Water Resistant Satin Finish