Terra Clay Paint Birthday Gift Box

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The Happy Birthday Gift Box that is filled with delightful surprises to bring joy to your special day.

  1. Terra Clay Paint: Unleash your inner artist with Terra Clay Paint! Perfect for creative souls, this paint is a dream to work with. You'll receive three 4 oz. jars in colors of your choice, allowing you to experiment and let your imagination soar. What sets Terra apart is its reactivity with water, giving you the freedom to layer, blend, wipe back, and more for days. With Terra, your creativity knows no bounds!

  2. Terra Seal: Once your masterpiece is complete, it's time to seal the deal with Terra Seal. This top coat is the perfect finishing touch to protect your work of art. Say goodbye to worries about wear and tear - Terra Seal has got you covered, ensuring your piece stays as stunning as the day you painted it.

  3. Terra Clean: Before diving into your project, prep like a pro with Terra Clean. This 8 oz. bottle is your secret weapon for achieving pristine surfaces, ready to be transformed into works of art. Say hello to smooth, clean canvases and goodbye to any pesky imperfections standing in your way.

  4. Premium Chip Brush: Elevate your painting experience with our premium chip brush, specially designed for use with Terra Clay Paint. While Terra isn't self-leveling, this brush allows you to create unique textures, ridges, valleys, and more. Let your creativity run wild as you explore the endless possibilities of Terra Clay Paint paired with this versatile brush. Painting has never been more fun!

All these amazing items come beautifully packaged in a cute white gift box, adorned with a label that says "Happy Birthday." Don't miss out on this incredible deal!