Kitchen Starter Kit

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1- 8 oz. Pristine Clean
1- Mini Angle - 2 in. Synthetic Brush
1- 32 oz. Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint (Your Choice of Color)

A 32 oz. paint will cover approximately 150 square feet.
Use Bonding BOSS if you are painting a slippery surface.
Use a Sanding Sponge to scuff sand to prep surface.
For added durability apply Extra Coat.

By purchasing this kit, you will save $6.85 compared to buying these items separately.

Transform your kitchen or bathroom cabinets effortlessly with our Kitchen Starter Kit, saving you $6.85 compared to buying each product separately. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to refresh their cabinets, offering the exceptional performance of Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint. This paint is mildew resistant, scuff resistant, water resistant, and provides a smooth, clean finish. For shiny or non-wood surfaces, we strongly recommend using Bonding Boss (not included in the starter kit) for optimal adhesion and to prevent bleed-through. Although Silk All-in-One Mineral Paint includes a built-in water-based primer, Bonding Boss (not included in the starter kit) offers extra insurance for a flawless finish. 

Start by thoroughly cleaning your cabinets with Pristine Clean, a TSP-based cleaner, to remove grease and grime. Don't forget to scuff sand with our Sanding Sponge ( not ncluded in the starter kit) your cabinets before painting to ensure proper adherence. For the best results, use our synthetic mini angle brush, handmade in the USA. The Dupont bristles are designed to hold just the right amount of paint, helping you achieve a smooth and professional finish. Our Kitchen Starter Kit is the ultimate solution for achieving beautifully painted kitchen cabinets with ease and confidence.