Pearlescent Glaze

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Pearlescent Glaze
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Enhance your project with the mesmerizing beauty of Pearlescent Glaze! This exquisite addition infuses a subtle yet captivating shine and shimmer, elevating any piece to new heights. Discover the magic as this colorless glaze mimics the lustrous sheen of pearls found within an oyster. With Pearlescent Glaze, you can effortlessly create stunning finishes that exude elegance and leave a lasting impression. Let your creativity shine with this enchanting glaze and add a touch of enchantment to your artistic endeavors.

Apply a Dixie Belle paint product and allow to dry. Apply glaze in small sections using a Dixie Belle brush (we prefer the French Tip or Premium Chip Brush) or a lint free cloth. Wipe away excess glaze or add more if necessary. You can use Dixie Belle glazes on a clean unpainted surface, a Dixie Belle painted surface (any of our 3 lines of paint) or a Clear Coated Surface.

Step 1:
Prep unpainted surface White Lightning furniture cleaner.
Step 2:
Apply your favorite Dixie Belle Paint and allow it to dry completely.
Step 3:
Apply Glaze in small sections using a brush or lint-free cloth.
You can apply Glaze to a clean Chalk Mineral/ Silk Painted, or Clear Coated surface.
Dry Time:
15 Minutes.
Cure Time:
21-30 Days.