Nailhead Trim - Stencil

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Nailhead trim is a timeless added detail and textural element of furniture design. It offers a nod to the past yet remains a favorite in designs today.

Create a raised pattern by using Dixie Belle Mud to fill your stencil, or simply apply the stencil directly to your project using your favorite Dixie Belle Paint color.
The Nailhead Trim Mylar stencil is a refined and timeless addition to the collection of furniture embellishments, promising to infuse a classic appeal into your decor projects. This stencil is designed to emulate the sophisticated and enduring look of traditional nailhead trim, providing an elegant touch that transcends various design styles.

Key features and qualities of the Nailhead Trim Mylar stencil:

  1. Classic Appeal: The stencil is crafted with a design that exudes classic charm, bringing a sense of timeless sophistication to your furniture and home decor. The nailhead trim pattern is a well-loved and enduring aesthetic that adds a touch of luxury to any space.

  2. Versatility: With its versatile design, the Nailhead Trim Mylar stencil can be applied to a variety of furniture pieces, including chairs, tables, cabinets, and more. It seamlessly blends into both modern and traditional settings, making it a versatile choice for a range of design preferences.

  3. Mylar Material: The stencil is constructed from durable and reusable Mylar material, ensuring longevity and allowing for repeated use without compromising on quality. This feature makes it a practical and cost-effective tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

  4. Inspiring Design: The classic appeal of the Nailhead Trim stencil is sure to inspire creativity in your decor projects. Whether you're refinishing old furniture or customizing new pieces, this stencil provides a refined and polished look that elevates the overall aesthetic.

  5. Easy Application: The stencil is designed for easy and precise application, allowing you to achieve a professional-looking finish without the need for intricate hand-detailing. This ease of use makes it accessible to both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts.

  6. Enhanced Furniture Embellishment: The Nailhead Trim Mylar stencil serves as an embellishment that enhances the character of your furniture. It adds a subtle yet impactful detail that contributes to the overall sophistication of your living space.

By incorporating the Nailhead Trim Mylar stencil into your decor projects, you can effortlessly achieve a classic and luxurious look that stands the test of time. Whether used as a subtle accent or a bold statement, this stencil is a valuable tool for those seeking to infuse their furniture and home decor with enduring style and refinement.

Step 1:
Position on your project.
Step 2:
Tape down to prevent from moving.
Step 3:
Apply thin layer of Dixie Belle Paint or Dixie Belle Mud.
Step 4:
Remove and clean immediately with soap and water and allow to dry.