Gator Hide

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Gator Hide
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Our Toughest Top Coat, just like the name implies, it is as tough as a Gator's Hide. Gator Hide is NON-yellowing and has a superior toughness that is perfect for your high traffic areas. Add Gator Hide to your chalk painted kitchen or bathroom cabinets for long lasting durability. Gator Hide is Water Repellant and our rock hard finish will leave your projects beautiful for ages.

To use Gator Hide:

Allow your finished piece to completely dry.
Simply use our Blue Sponge to add a VERY thin layer of Gator Hide.
Let it dry and after 2 hours, re-apply. Use Dixie Belle Sanding Sponge to gently sand between coats
Let it dry 2 hours and repeat this up to 3 VERY thin layers to get a water repellent finish!

Step 1:
Allow Chalk Mineral Paint to dry completely. Stir Gator Hide before use.
Step 2:
Apply 1 thin coat of Gator Hide and let it dry completely. Moving in only one direction and minimal back brushing.
Step 3:
Apply another coat after 2 hours.
Step 4:
May use a fine grit sandpaper or 0000 Steel Wool between coats for a more polished look.
You can add up tp 3 coats.
Scrubby Soap can be used for clean-up.
Dry Time:
48 Hours
Cure Time:
21-30 Days