Dixie Belle

Clear Coat Flat

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Clear Coat Flat is a dream come true!
Keep that flat, chalky finish and get all of the protection and durability of Clear Coat Satin or Gloss.
This formula leaves a completely flat finish!

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2 Reviews

Jim May 21st 2019

Glad I Found This!!!

I painted a 4ft x 6ft outer space themed mural on a wall in my soon to be grandson's new room. The finished acrylic painting was very reflective. So much so that it was difficult to see it because of the reflecting light. So, I went on a search for a flat clear top coat and came across the Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat. I applied 2-3 very thin coats and once it was dry, almost all of the reflectiveness of the acrylic painting was gone. You can now see the mural clearly from anywhere in the room regardless of lighting. Great product...worked perfectly for what I needed.

Debra May 3rd 2018

Great top coat!

I used two coats of Clear Coat flat to finish off fabric covered cornice valances in my camper and used it on a wooden board. Love this product. It went on so easy.

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