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Enhance the beauty and protection of your painted wood furniture with Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat, a top coat that imparts a soft matte finish. Wondering if you should put a top coat on painted furniture? Absolutely! Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat, part of our top coats for painted wood, stands out as the best choice for ensuring optimal protection and a stylish, muted appearance.

Our water-based polyacrylic clear coats offer the best protective coating for your DIY projects, ensuring durability and longevity. Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat, with its soft matte finish, provides an elegant touch to your painted furniture while safeguarding it with a beautiful water resistant rock-hard finish that lasts.

Concerned about using polyacrylic over chalk paint? Fear not—Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat is designed to be compatible with chalk paint, offering a seamless integration for your projects. Wondering how many coats of polyacrylic over chalk paint you should apply? Dixie Belle top coats for furniture are user-friendly, allowing you to achieve the desired level of protection with ease.

With low VOCs, our clear coats are environmentally friendly, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Dixie Belle Clear Coat Flat is the best clear coat for furniture when you seek both functionality and a chic, matte aesthetic. Elevate your DIY projects effortlessly with Dixie Belle, the top choice for achieving a flawless and enduring finish on your painted furniture.

To use Flat Clear Coat:
Use a DBP Synthetic Brush OR Foam N Dandy Brush to apply a thin coat of Flat Clear Coat.

For additional protection, apply another coat after one hour. You can add up to 3 very thin coats.

Also available in Satin or Gloss.

Click Here For Best Practices to Apply Clear Coat: How To Apply Clear Coat

Step 1:
Allow Chalk Mineral Paint to dry completely. Stir Well!
Step 2:
Apply (thin) a coat of Clear Coat. For added protection, apply another coat after 1 hour.
You can add up to three coats.
Scrubby Soap can be used for clean-up
Dry Time:
30 Minutes
Cure Time:
21-30 Days
Water Resistant Matte Finish