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Apricot Chalk Mineral Paint

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Soft and sweet, a color that is much more pale than the actual apricot fruit.  Just like a yummy Apricot Jam, this sweet color is both luscious and popular.  Adding a touch of Apricot with Mud Puddle and Drop Cloth is a favored combination.  But don't let us influence you, think out of the box....the crayon box that is and come up with your own delightful creation.

You won't be disappointed with our quality of product and our commitment of bringing you the best chalk mineral paint. 

Our Chalk Mineral Paints do not require wax or any type of sealant.  They have an beautiful finish just the way it dries.  If you take our finishing pads and give a quick buff....the finish will be as smooth as butter.  No chalky feel like other chalk paints can leave.  Dixie Belle does have a large assortment of waxestop coats and glazes if you like to experiment with different finishes and looks.  We always recommend you unleash your inner creativeness and experiment with our products.  They are Easy Peasy and fun to use.


Did you know that Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed together to come up with beautiful new colors?!?  You should experiment and see what you come up with.  Here is one color we came up with...we mixed Apricot with Honky Tonk Red and came up with the color "Shrimp"



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2 Reviews

Karen Readinger Apr 14th 2019

Peach paint

I love the peach chalk paint. I painted a serving tray reach with farmhouse green sides. I used paper napkins to decoupage the tray. Love the two colors together. I really love Dixie Belle products. Peach is a stunning color along with Farmhouse Green.

Rose Fearon May 1st 2018


Beautiful bright color that can add a lovely accent to any room. Pair it with Flamingo for a gorgeous effect.

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