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Easy Peasy Wax

  • Shake the container really well.
  • Mist over a small area 10-inch x 10-inch.
  • Allow it to stand for around 5 seconds.
  • Wipe with a cloth that’s lint-free cloth
  • Apply a second or third coat if needed
  • Reapply every three to four months for continued protection

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  • Dixie Belle Paint Easy Peasy™ Spray Wax 8oz.

    Easy Peasy™ Spray Wax 8oz.

    Easy Peasy Spray Wax is the BEST and EASIEST way to apply wax to your chalk painted furniture, painted fabric or even outdoor furniture. Use Easy Peasy Spray Wax to apply a durable finish of Carnauba Wax. Simply spray and wipe, it is that easy. We do...

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