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The Trippy Blocks Mylar stencil, with its captivating symmetrical design and dynamic patterns, is not only an artistic tool but also a versatile repeating pattern that invites you to infuse your creations with a touch of whimsy and visual intrigue. As a repeating pattern, this stencil allows you to seamlessly extend its mesmerizing design across various surfaces, creating a cohesive and immersive artistic experience.

Create a raised pattern by using Dixie Belle Mud to fill your stencil, or simply apply the stencil directly to your project using your favorite Dixie Belle Paint color.

Key features and characteristics of the Trippy Blocks Mylar stencil as a repeating pattern:

  1. Continuity and Consistency: The repeating nature of the pattern ensures continuity and consistency in your artistic projects. Whether applied to a small canvas or expansive surfaces, the Trippy Blocks stencil maintains its captivating symmetry, creating a cohesive visual flow.

  2. Endless Possibilities: With the Trippy Blocks stencil's repeating pattern, you have the freedom to explore endless possibilities in your creative endeavors. Experiment with different color palettes, sizes, and arrangements to discover new and exciting variations of the dynamic design.

  3. Versatile Application: The repeating pattern lends itself to versatile applications, allowing you to adorn a wide range of surfaces such as walls, furniture, fabrics, and more. This adaptability makes the Trippy Blocks Mylar stencil suitable for a variety of artistic projects.

  4. Customizable Design: The repeating nature of the pattern enables you to customize the overall look of your creations. Whether you prefer a subtle and harmonious display or a bold and energetic arrangement, the Trippy Blocks stencil empowers you to tailor the design to suit your artistic vision.

  5. Enhanced Visual Impact: Through its repeating arrangement, the Trippy Blocks Mylar stencil enhances the visual impact of your artwork. The symmetrical patterns draw the viewer's gaze, creating an engaging and immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

  6. Easy Integration: The repeating pattern seamlessly integrates into your artistic process, allowing you to effortlessly extend the design across larger surfaces or incorporate it into intricate details. This ease of integration makes the Trippy Blocks stencil a valuable tool for artists of all levels.

As you embark on your artistic journey with the Trippy Blocks Mylar stencil, revel in the creative possibilities offered by its repeating pattern. Whether you're adding a playful touch to furniture, bringing life to a blank wall, or exploring other artistic ventures, this stencil ensures that the enchanting symmetrical design continues to captivate and inspire.

Step 1:
Position on your project.
Step 2:
Tape down to prevent from moving.
Step 3:
Apply thin layer of Dixie Belle Paint or Dixie Belle Mud.
Step 4:
Remove and clean immediately with soap and water and allow to dry.