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  • Dixie Belle Paint Patina Paint creates real rust!

    Patina Paint

    Create REAL Rust and Patina with our Patina Paint! Choose between Iron, Copper and Bronze for 3 different results! After one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, apply one coat of Patina Paint, let dry. Apply second coat of Patina Paint and while still wet,...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Patina Spray is used with Patina Paint to create a real rusty look!

    Patina Spray

    Transform your everyday pieces into rusty, crusty metal look-a-likes! Patina Spray, when used with Patina Paint, will activate for a fun faux metal look on all pieces. Patina Spray comes in an 8 oz container To activate Iron Patina Paint, you...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Prime Start

    Prime Start

    Prime Start is the perfect protectant when using Patina products over metal. The proprietary formula blocks the Patina layer from affecting the metal below. Prime start is only needed when working on metal pieces. Prime Start comes in an 8 oz...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Patina Guard

    Patina Guard

    Patina Guard is specially formulated to protect and seal your patina'ed pieces! This product is only meant to be in combination with Patina and will prevent the rust from changing overtime.  Once you are happy with the rust your patina has...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Patina Sample

    Patina Sample

    Wood samples of; Iron w/Green Patina Spray Bronze w/Blue Patina Spray Copper w/Green Patina Spray Really helpful so you can see end results! Show Reviews

5 of 5 Items