Patina Collection

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Our Patina Collection is a true marvel of transformation. It offers you the opportunity to bring the beauty of authentic patina finishes to your creations. With real metal infused into the paint, the magic truly unfolds when you spray our activator on top. In just a matter of hours, you'll witness the astonishing metamorphosis, as your project takes on the appearance of a weathered bronze statue that has gracefully aged over the years. This is the genuine patina look, rich in character and history. Alternatively, you can craft an aged, rusty aesthetic in a matter of hours with our product, all while maintaining an authentic feel. The options are truly endless, as you can apply this product on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, and even styrofoam. Choose between Iron, Copper, and Bronze for three distinct results. The process is simple: one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, one coat of Patina Paint, followed by a Patina Spray while it's still wet. Then, the alchemy unfolds as you sit back and behold the rust and patina manifest right before your eyes. With our Patina Paint, your projects are destined for true artistic authenticity.


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