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Welcome to our website page showcasing a fantastic selection of high-quality artistic tools and materials, all proudly made in the USA. Explore our range of Premium Synthetic Brushes, crafted with precision and durability to elevate your artistic endeavors. Our Continuous Spray bottles provide convenient and controlled misting for various applications. For smooth and even application, we offer Applicator Pads that are perfect for blending and spreading. Additionally, our collection features an assortment of Artist Brushes, designed to meet the unique needs of different artistic techniques. Browse our website to discover more exceptional tools and unleash your creative potential with confidence.

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    Blue Sponge

    Dixie Belle's Blue Sponge is the perfect applicator for our Chalk Mineral paint, Terra Clay paint, or Silk All-In-One paint.  For the smoothest finish try using our Blue Sponge with any of our clear coats or Gator Hide.  You will be amazed at...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Sanding Sponge. An image of the 2 different new packages we offer for the single sanding sponge or the 3 pack.

    Sanding Sponge

    The Sanding Sponge’s 220 grit & great for dry or wet distressing. This sponge is essential for painting fabric and a fan favorite for using with topcoats! 4" x 2.75"

    $1.90 - $5.50
  • Scrubby Soap. An image staging all 3 soap scents on their side and the lime scent standing upright on the right side.

    Scrubby Soap

    Looking for a powerful and effective way to keep your skin clean and refreshed? Look no further than our Natural Soap Infused Scrubber! Made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, this amazing scrubber is tough enough to easily remove paint, grease,...

  • Belles and Whistles DBP Synthetic Brushes. A product image displaying all of our synthetic brushes side by side on a transparent background.

    DBP Synthetic Brushes

    Our Vegan-Friendly USA-made Synthetic brushes are made specifically for long-lasting use. Our brushes are a specially formulated mixture of Nylon and Polyester tapered filament in different lengths and diameter ratios. This mixture was developed to...

    $21.95 - $41.95
  • Belles and Whistles 2" Chip Brush - Two 2" Chip Brushes on wood table.

    2" Chip Brush

    Looking for the perfect brush for chalk paint? Look no further than the classic 2" chip brush! This versatile brush, designed with natural bristles for enhanced durability, is ideal for use with chalk paint and furniture paint. Easily achieve a...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Premium Chip Brush.

    Premium Chip Brush

    The classic shape and style just got better! The premium chip brush has the same shape as a classic chip brush but the quality can not be surpassed. You never have to worry about fall out with this custom brush. It has buttery smooth, natural bristles...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Finishing Pad 
Image of the Finishing Pad with the label that reads 

    Finishing Pad

    Achieve a luxurious, velvety finish for your furniture with the Finishing Pad. As a finishing touch after the paint has dried, this premium pad gently buffs the surface, revealing a smooth and silky texture that exudes elegance. Experience the...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Continuous Fine Mist Spray Bottle (8 oz) 
This continuous fine mist spray bottle is clear on the bottom and has a black top.  Use this when you want to blend paints or remoisten paint.

    Continuous Fine Mist Spray Bottle (8 oz)

    Achieve stunning ombre painted furniture with our Fine Mist Spray Bottle. As you blend colors, this handy tool helps move the ombre paint along, creating a seamless gradient effect. The fine mist allows for controlled application, ensuring your paint...

  • Belles and Whistles Best Dang Brush is a 2-inch natural blend that is excellent for painting, blending, and/or waxing. Image shows Best Dang Brush on top of white and blue striped cloth with greenery in the left corner.

    Best Dang Brush

    Best Dang Brush  The Best Dang Brush is a 2-inch natural blend that is excellent for painting, blending, and/or waxing. The unfinished ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable hold while painting. The bristles are designed to pick up paint or wax...

  • Belles and Whistles The Belle Brush - The Belle Brush against white background

    The Belle Brush

    Our signature brush will be your new favorite brush. TRY IT! You will LOVE it. The bristles are secured with state of the art technology that prevents fall out and maintains shape. The tapered edge gets into every nook and cranny with one seamless...

  • Belles and Whistles Scarlet Brush. A closeup image of our scarlet brush on a transparent background.

    Scarlet Brush

    These Synthelux Spalter Brushes are from Italian fabricator, and are made of very high quality fine synthetic bristles. These Spalter Brushes are an excellent choice for the application of fine finishes - the silky synthetic...

  • Belles and Whistles Foam N Dandy - If you need a smooth as glass finish look no further, our thicker high quality foam brush is specifically designed to hold more paint for better coverage with a flawless finish.  Set of three different sizes of our Foam brush.

    Foam N Dandy

    DIY is fine and dandy with this helpful tool! The Foam N Dandy Brush is designed to apply paint, stain, or clear coat with an ultra-smooth, effortless finish. If you need a smooth as glass finish look no further, our thicker high quality foam brush is...

    $2.95 - $3.95
  • Belles and Whistles La Petite Brush is excellent for detailing and highlighting your project. La Petite Brush on a white lace cloth and flowers off to the side.

    La Petite Brush

    La Petite Brush The La Petite brush is excellent for detailing and highlighting your project. It features a short unfinished wooden handle, ergonomically shaped for the effortless application of finishing coats of wax, clear coat, or stains on painted...

  • Belles and Whistles Clean as a Whistle is a brush cleaner and conditioner that removes build-up and dried paint from brushes. Image shows full bottle of Clean as a Whistle with DBP Synthetic brushes and Best Dang brush staged around bottle.

    Clean as a Whistle

    Clean as a Whistle is a brush cleaner and conditioner that removes build-up and dried paint from brushes. This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no VOC, biodegradable, and non-flammable. Please note: must be used in a chemical-resistant...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Wood Graining Tool Set.  The Wood Graining Tool Set in its packaging with a white background.

    Wood Graining Tool Set

    Create Faux Wood effects quickly and easily! High-quality toolset to simply mimic the wood grain effect on every surface. Start snapping the curved wood-graining tool onto the handle. begin by dragging it in the glaze, stain, or wet paint. Slide the...

  • Belles and Whistles Big Daddy Brush. the Big Daddy Brush places on a wooden background.

    Big Daddy Brush

    Introducing the Big Daddy Brush, your ultimate tool for achieving flawless finishes! Unleash your creativity and blend to your heart's content with the remarkable capabilities of our Big Daddy Brush. Designed to cover vast areas with ease, this brush...

19 of 19 Items

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