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  • Dixie Belle Paint Blue Sponge

    Blue Sponge

    The Blue Sponge fits in your hand perfectly. Apply Gator Hide with a dry sponge for a smooth even finish! // Show Reviews

  • Dixie Belle Paint Sanding Sponge

    Sanding Sponge

    The Sanding Sponge is 220 grit and excellent for wet or dry distressing. This sponge is a must-have for painting fabric! 4" x 2.75" Show Reviews

  • Dixie Belle Paint DBP Synthetic Brushes Dixie Belle Paint DBP Synthetic Brushes Dixie Belle Paint DBP Synthetic Brushes Dixie Belle Paint DBP Synthetic Brushes Dixie Belle Paint DBP Synthetic Brushes

    DBP Synthetic Brushes

    Dixie Belle Brushes are high quality, professional paint brushes that apply paint, wax and finishes beautifully. These synthetic brushes are medium/stiff and they have great response with spring back and bend recovery which helps with retaining the...

    $21.95 - $41.95
  • Dixie Belle Paint 2 Chip Brush Dixie Belle Paint 2 Chip Brush

    2" Chip Brush

    The classic 2" chip brush has natural bristles for added durability. Achieve a wispy, distressed look with ease using the chip brush. Trim the ends to your preference for a stiff wax brush or use to stipple Patina Paint for a unique, crusty look.These...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Premium Chip Brush

    Premium Chip Brush

    The classic shape and style just got better! The premium chip brush has the same shape as a classic chip brush but the quality can not be surpassed. You never have to worry about fall out with this custom brush. It has buttery smooth, natural bristles...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Finishing Pad

    Finishing Pad

    To give your furniture a silky, smooth finish, use the Finishing Pad after Dixie Belle Paint has dried to buff your furniture!6" x 4" x 3/4" // Show Reviews

  • Dixie Belle Paint The Belle Brush

    The Belle Brush

    Our signature brush will be your new favorite brush. TRY IT! You will LOVE it. The bristles are secured with state of the art technology that prevents fall out and maintains shape. The tapered edge gets into every nook and cranny with one seamless...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Scarlet Brush

    Scarlet Brush

    These Synthelux Spalter Brushes are from Italian fabricator, and are made of very high quality fine synthetic bristles. These Spalter Brushes are an excellent choice for the application of fine finishes - the silky synthetic...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Wood Graining Tool Set

    Wood Graining Tool Set

    Create Faux Wood effects easily and quickly! High-quality toolset to easily mimic the wood grain effect on all surfaces. Every DIY'ers dream! Snap the curved wood graining tool on to the handle. Start by dragging it in the wet paint, stain, or glaze...

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