Sapphire Sonata - Transfer

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Elevate your DIY projects with this exquisite transfer, featuring intricate designs and rich hues of blue reminiscent of a serene night sky. Unleash your creativity and add a touch of elegance with Sapphire Sonata Rub-on Transfer.

4 Sheets - 24" x 37.2" total

Step 1:
Make sure the paint has dried completely for at least 24 hours.
Step 2:
Decide where you want to place it before removing protective backing paper.
Step 3:
Once ready to apply transfer remove clear release sheet to sperate transfer from its protective paper.
Step 4:
Tape your transfer down to prevent it from moving while applying it.
Step 5:
Working from outside edge inward, apply pressure with the burnishing stick to release the transfer.
Step 6:
Gently lift the clear release sheet to check that it has adhered completely.
Step 7:
Seal with Clear Coat (recommended for high traffic areas).
Store in a cool, dry place or climate-controlled environment. *