Patina Paint

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Patina Paint
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Create REAL Rust and Patina with our Patina Paint!

Choose between Iron, Copper and Bronze for 3 different results! After one coat of Dixie Belle Paint, apply one coat of Patina Paint, let dry.

Apply second coat of Patina Paint and while still wet, apply a Patina Spray.

Sit back, enjoy the magic and watch the rust begin!

Patina Paint incorporates real metal and naturally reacts as the patina spray is applied.

Be sure to stir well before use

Patina Paint contains metal flakes that sink to the bottom of the jar
Step 1:
Apply a coat of Chalk Mineral Paint; Let dry.
Step 2:
Apply 1 coat of Patina Paint; Let dry.
Step 3:
Apply a second coat of Patina Paint and while the second coat of Patina Paint is STILL WET, apply Patina Spray.
Full Effect:
2-6 hours.
No sealing is necessary, but you can seal with Patina Guard.