Howdy-Do Hemp Oil

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Discover the 100% Natural Howdy Do Hemp Oil, the ultimate non-toxic sealant for your furniture. With long-lasting protection against moisture and UV damage, this food-safe oil is perfect for reconditioning kitchen cutting boards and wooden utensils. Applying it is a breeze—simply use a lint-free rag or Applicator Pad to achieve a thin, even layer. Dry areas become touchable within an hour, while thorough buffing removes any excess oil. For added durability, apply 2 to 3 coats. Trust Howdy Do Hemp Oil to keep your furniture looking beautiful and protected for years to come.

  • This product comes in an 8 oz. container.
Step 1:
Start with a clean, dry surface.
Step 2:
Apply a small amount of oil to the surface using a lint-free cloth or brush.
Step 3:
Rub gently until it Is absorbed by the raw wood or Chalk Mineral Paint.
Step 4:
Wipe excess after 12 hours and repeat if necessary.
Dry Time:
2 Hours
Cure Time:
21-30 Days