How to Use Belles and Whistles Products

Clean as a Whistle

Rub-on Transfers


Foam N Dandy

Clean As A Whistle is a cleaner and brush conditioner that removes build-up and dried paint from brushes. This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no VOC, biodegradable, and non-flammable.



Decide where you would like to place it before removing the protective backing paper.

You can gently lift the clear release sheet to check that it has adhered completely.

Working from the outside edge inward, rub the transfer to apply.

Meet your DIY best friend: the Thingamajig! This angled squeegee is an ideal tool for flawlessly applying paint with our Silkscreen Stencils. The Thingamajig is also an excellent device for creating texture and movement on your projects! After using, simply clean with mild soap and water. 

Mylar Stencil

Our reusable mylar stencils were designed with you in mind.

These stencils are heavy duty 10 mil mylar and the pattern measures 14" x 18".

The designs can be repeated in any direction. Clean promptly after use with soap and water.

Silkscreen Stencils

Remove stencil from the white backer sheet. Position the stencil on your project.

Apply a thin layer of paint. Remove the silkscreen and clean promptly after use with soap and water.

Allow the stencil to dry sticky side up on a paper towel and put back on the white backer sheet once dried.

Artists Brushes

This set of four brushes is perfect for detailed work and touch ups on your project.





Premium Decoupage

Cut the border off of your decoupage paper.

Apply Clear Coat on the area where you want to place the decoupage paper. Place the decoupage paper on top of the Clear Coat while it is still wet. Apply another layer of Clear Coat on top of the Premium Rice Decoupage paper.