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4 Sheets

Introducing Fresh Picked Fifties Rub-On Furniture Transfers – a delightful journey back to the 50s where nostalgia meets playfulness. Immerse yourself in the charm of this playful pattern featuring fresh-picked strawberries, reminiscent of the good old days. With four sheets of delicious fruits, this transfer allows you to infuse a retro-inspired vibe into your kitchen, adding a touch of fun and vibrancy.

Rub-On Transfers (furniture decals, decor transfers, furniture transfers) are the easiest way to add personality, creativity, and fun to your furniture. Not only can our transfers be used on furniture, but you can use them on fabric, glass, metal, and much more.  Belles and Whistles Rub-On Transfers, another affordable yet quality product by Dixie Belle Paint Company. Complete your project by burnishing your transfer with the Dixie Belle Finishing Pad.

The Transfer is 24 x 38 inches divided into 4 sheets for easy application.

*Allow paint to dry for 24 hours before applying transfer*

⋆ Design inspired by MUSTARD TREE MARKET

How to use Transfers

Key Features of Fresh Picked Fifties Rub-On Furniture Transfers:

  1. Playful 50s Nostalgia: Step back into the 50s with the Fresh Picked Fifties Rub-On Furniture Transfers. This playful pattern captures the essence of a bygone era, infusing your living space with a delightful blend of nostalgia and whimsy.

  2. Fresh Picked Strawberries: Enjoy the sweetness of fresh-picked strawberries as they adorn your furniture. The charming and vibrant design brings a sense of freshness and natural beauty into your home, creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.

  3. Four Sheets of Delicious Fruits: The transfer pack includes four sheets adorned with delicious fruits, allowing you to get creative with your design. Mix and match the patterns or use them individually to customize your furniture with a burst of fruity fun.

  4. Retro Kitchen Fun: Infuse your retro kitchen with the playful energy of Fresh Picked Fifties. Whether on cabinets, tables, or chairs, this transfer adds a touch of fun and vibrancy, transforming your kitchen into a lively space that celebrates the spirit of the 50s.

  5. Versatile Application: Ideal for various furniture pieces, this rub-on transfer offers versatility in its application. Create a cohesive theme in your kitchen or incorporate the fruity patterns into other areas of your home for a cheerful and cohesive look.

  6. DIY Decor Delight: Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, this transfer empowers you to express your unique style and creativity. Have fun experimenting with different arrangements and placements to create a personalized and playful design that reflects your taste.

  7. Vibrant and Inviting: The vibrant colors and inviting fruit patterns create an atmosphere of warmth and joy. Infuse your living space with the lighthearted charm of the 50s, making your home a place where memories are made and shared.

Transport yourself to a time of jukeboxes and soda shops with the Fresh Picked Fifties Rub-On Furniture Transfers. Whether you're updating your kitchen or adding a playful touch to other areas of your home, this design allows you to savor the sweetness of fresh-picked nostalgia. Embrace the vibrancy of the 50s and let your furniture tell a story of fun, laughter, and timeless style.


Step 1:
Make sure the paint has dried completely for at least 24 hours.
Step 2:
Gently unroll transfer.
Step 3:
Decide where you want to place it before removing protective backing paper.
Step 4:
Once ready to apply transfer remove clear release sheet to sperate transfer from its protective paper.
Step 5:
Tape your transfer down to prevent it from moving while applying it.
Step 6:
Working from outside edge inward, apply pressure with the burnishing stick to release the transfer.
Step 7:
Gently lift the clear release sheet to check that it has adhered completely.
Step 8:
Seal with Clear Coat (recommended for high traffic areas).
Store in a cool, dry place or climate-controlled environment. *