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Fluff Chalk Mineral Paint

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Fluff!! Soft, "marshmallowy" white. Looking for a white with a recognizable, unique style? Look no further. Some whites look plain and uninteresting. Fluff has a bold beauty and encompasses an aesthetic all its own. Fluff chalk mineral paint is an impressive way to add clean, crisp white to your home!

You won't be disappointed with our quality of product and our commitment of bringing you the best chalk mineral paint. 

Our Chalk Mineral Paints do not require wax or any type of sealant.  They have an beautiful finish just the way it dries.  If you take our finishing pads and give a quick buff....the finish will be as smooth as butter.  No chalky feel like other chalk paints can leave.  Dixie Belle does have a large assortment of waxestop coats and glazes if you like to experiment with different finishes and looks.  We always recommend you to unleash your inner creativeness and experiment with our products.  They are Easy Peasy and fun to use. 

Compare ours to other chalk paint....you WON'T be disappointed!!

Did you know that Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed together to come up with beautiful new colors?!?  You should experiment and see what you come up with.  Here is one color we came up with by mixing Fluff with Florida Orange, we like to call it "Creamsicle".  We would love to see what you come up with by mixing Dixie Belle Paint Colors.  Come on, give it a try, we double dog dare you!


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Cynthia Moorhead Jun 21st 2018

Great Coverage!!

I painted an old door cabinet with the Fluff and stenciled Pallet Party's Farmhouse on the old door. I finished up with Dixie Belle No Pain Gell Stain-Walnut on top. It turned out so cute. Love this piece!!

Debra May 3rd 2018

Fluff paint

First paint I tried by Dixie Belle and it's awesome paint. Very easy to use, no smell. I used it mostly to paint 11 camper fabric cornice valances. It works on fabric. For the first coat I mixed with 2 parts water and 1 part color free fabric softener to sort of work in and dye the fabric. Second coat I mixed with part water. Third and final coat I used pure paint but dipped brush in a tiny bit of water to spread the coverage. I need 4 coats only because it was a tight fabric and dark and I was going white. Turned out great. 2 coats of their matte finish top coat. I also painted a wooden board. Have tried several chalk type paint brands and this is up there with the best. Can't wait to try more colors on more projects.

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