Dixie Dirt-4oz.

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Our unique powder pigment is an excellent way to add detail, dimension, and shadowing to any art creation you are working on especially with our Chalk Mineral Paint or Terra Clay and even our Silk All-In-One Paint. We recommend using our Best Dang Wax or Easy Peasy Spray Wax to help Dixie Dirt stay in place!


Ash: The original Dixie Dirt color; a soft and muted gray

Earth: A warm, Earthy brown

Charcoal: Black as the night sky

Step 1:
Apply Best Dang Wax and allow it to tack up.
Step 2:
Using a clean brush, dip into Dixie Dirt and brush over the surface, especially the details.
Step 3:
Wait a few minutes and brush off the loose dirt. Using a lint-free cloth, very gently buff your piece. Work from the middle out to the edge so you get a worn look.