Dixie Belle Blue Chalk Mineral Paint

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This color is only available in 4 oz. size

We're thrilled to collaborate with North Shore Animal League America to promote animal rescuing and the no-kill initiative. With every purchase of our Mollie The Collie Rice Decoupage Paper, Rainbow Kitty Rice Decoupage Paper, Paws for a Cause Stencil, and Dixie Belle Blue Chalk Mineral Paint, we'll donate $1 to support their mission.

Discover the enduring allure of Dixie Belle Blue, a serene shade reminiscent of clear skies and endless horizons. Ideal for breathing new life into furniture pieces, this versatile chalk paint effortlessly infuses spaces with coastal-inspired charm.

Whether you're revamping a vintage dresser or adding character to a modern side table, Dixie Belle Blue delivers unmatched depth and richness. Its smooth application and quick-drying formula ensure hassle-free painting, allowing you to achieve professional-quality results with ease.

With uncompromising quality, Dixie Belle Blue stands out among other chalk paint brands for its exceptional durability and color vibrancy. Elevate your furniture painting projects and unleash your creativity with confidence.

Ready to embark on your next DIY adventure? Explore the beauty of Dixie Belle Blue today! Visit our website or trusted retailers nationwide to discover where to buy this premium chalk paint and transform your home with timeless style.

Our chalk mineral paint is your go-to choice for furniture, cabinets, and DIY projects. Suitable for various surfaces like wood, metal, plastics, brick, stone, glass, and concrete. For effortless and precise application, we recommend using our premium chip brush. And don't forget to prep your surface with our White Lightning cleaner for an impeccable finish with optimal adhesion and long-lasting results.

Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom color you can imagine!

Create Your Own Custom Color with our Color Lab: Color Mixer

Paint Color:
Step 1:
Clean with White Lightning and then rinse with clean water.
Step 2:
Shake and stir well prior to painting.
Step 3:
Use a lightly dampened brush and apply paint.
Paint Sprayer:
Use 2 oz. Floetrol or distilled water per 8 oz. of Chalk Mineral Paint.
Dry Time:
15 minutes
Cure Time:
21-30 days