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Cotton Chalk Mineral Paint

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Our whitest white! When we think of our color Cotton it evokes thoughts of a white picket fence surrounding a safe and happy home. An inherently positive color, cotton is associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness, and a successful beginning.  Why not choose our color Cotton for the beginning of your next furniture creation.  You won't be disappointed with our quality of product and our commitment of bringing you the best chalk mineral paint. 

Our Chalk Mineral Paints do not require wax or any type of sealant.  They have an beautiful finish just the way it dries.  If you take our finishing pads and give a quick buff....the finish will be as smooth as butter.  No chalky feel like other chalk paints can leave.  Dixie Belle does have a large assortment of waxes, top coats and glazes if you like to experiment with different finishes and looks.  We always recommend you to unleash your inner creativeness and experiment with our products.  They are Easy Peasy and fun to use. 

Compare ours to other chalk paint....you WON'T be disappointed!!

Did you know that Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed together to come up with beautiful new colors?!?  You should experiment and see what you come up with.  Here is one color we came up with by mixing Cotton with Stormy Seas, we like to call it "Concrete".  We would love to see what you come up with by mixing Dixie Belle Paint Colors.  Come on, give it a try, we double dog dare you!


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4 Reviews

Regina Nov 24th 2018

This Chalk Paint Is Awesome!!!!!!

Five Stars is not enough ratings for Dixie Belle. It deserves 10 plus some. This was my very first time using DB . I watched tons of videos and finally decided DB was the one that I needed to try. My first order was over $200 bcs I wanted to be sure I was going all in. I wanted to see if White lightning was what it was claimed to be and yes it is a great cleaner; the boss is an excellent primer and last but not least OMG the DB chalk paint is awesome. I painted so much furniture (nice size pieces) with only two 32 oz. jars. I would love to be a retailer bcs I know for a fact with a light color such as White you only need 2 coats. Gator Hide gives a protective smooth very semi-matte finish. Love, love this product looking forward to painting pieces to sell in the near future.

Lianep Carrion Aug 21st 2018

Love this Chalk paint!

It's easy to work with and live the coverage!!

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