Chameleon Wax

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With an iridescent glow, you can illuminate your pieces. Chameleon wax is a stunning and sheer wax utilized to unveil the natural highlight of your project. This dazzling oil-based product’s sure to make all pieces glow.

Available in 3 colors: Cactus, Apricot, and Lilac:

Cactus: Bright and Lively, this color’s as sharp & mighty as a wild cactus. This green that’s vibrant brings shine and elegance to a piece destined for a new life.

Lilac: Remindful of the woodland flower, the Lilac Chameleon Wax’s iridescent and delicate. You will love this wax for adding in a glow that’s petal-like to your projects!

Apricot: Charmingly luminous, the Apricot Chameleon Wax’s warm and fruity. Deliver a sun-kissed glow to your projects!

Step 1:
Prep unpainted surface White Lightning furniture cleaner.
Step 2:
Allow your favorite Dixie Belle Paint to dry.
Step 3:
Spread a small amount of oil-based Chameleon Wax with your finger, lint-free cloth, sponge or brush.
Step 4:
Lightly buff after 12 hours.