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  •  Scrubby Soap

    Scrubby Soap

    Natural Soap Infused Scrubber! Made in USA! Easily removes paint, grease, dirt, oil and more and smells soooo good!

  • Belles and Whistles DBP Synthetic Brushes

    DBP Synthetic Brushes

    Our Vegan-Friendly USA-made Synthetic brushes are made specifically for long-lasting use. Our brushes are a specially formulated mixture of Nylon and Polyester tapered filament in different lengths and diameter ratios. This mixture was developed to...

    $21.95 - $41.95
  • Belles and Whistles Scarlet Brush

    Scarlet Brush

    These Synthelux Spalter Brushes are from Italian fabricator, and are made of very high quality fine synthetic bristles. These Spalter Brushes are an excellent choice for the application of fine finishes - the silky synthetic...

  • Belles and Whistles Foam N Dandy

    Foam N Dandy

    DIY is fine and dandy with this helpful tool! The Foam N Dandy Brush is designed to apply paint, stain, or clear coat with an ultra-smooth, effortless finish.

    $2.95 - $3.95
5 of 5 Items