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  •  Scrubby Soap

    Scrubby Soap

    Natural Soap Infused Scrubber! Made in USA! Easily removes paint, grease, dirt, oil and more and smells soooo good!

  • Belles and Whistles 2" Chip Brush Belles and Whistles 2" Chip Brush

    2" Chip Brush

    The classic 2" chip brush has natural bristles for added durability. Achieve a wispy, distressed look with ease using the chip brush. Trim the ends to your preference for a stiff wax brush or use to stipple Patina Paint for a unique, crusty look.These...

  • Dixie Belle Paint Premium Chip Brush

    Premium Chip Brush

    The classic shape and style just got better! The premium chip brush has the same shape as a classic chip brush but the quality can not be surpassed. You never have to worry about fall out with this custom brush. It has buttery smooth, natural bristles...

  • Belles and Whistles Best Dang Brush

    Best Dang Brush

    Best Dang Brush  The Best Dang Brush is a 2-inch natural blend that is excellent for painting, blending, and/or waxing. The unfinished ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable hold while painting. The bristles are designed to pick up paint or wax...

  • Belles and Whistles The Belle Brush

    The Belle Brush

    Our signature brush will be your new favorite brush. TRY IT! You will LOVE it. The bristles are secured with state of the art technology that prevents fall out and maintains shape. The tapered edge gets into every nook and cranny with one seamless...

  • Belles and Whistles La Petite Brush

    La Petite Brush

    La Petite Brush The La Petite brush is excellent for detailing and highlighting your project. It features a short unfinished wooden handle, ergonomically shaped for the effortless application of finishing coats of wax, clear coat, or stains on painted...

  • Belles and Whistles Big Daddy Brush Belles and Whistles Big Daddy Brush

    Big Daddy Brush

    To get the job done, use our Big Daddy to blend to your heart's content. Cover a whole lot of space with one brush! 

8 of 8 Items