BOSS (New Size)

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BOSS Now Available in ALL Sizes!!!

Blocks Odor, Stains, Stops Bleed thru

Available in Clear and White

Blocks anything from bleeding through 

Squashes odor

Apply BOSS and allow to dry, @ 1 hour depending on humidity.  

Apply a second coat of BOSS and allow to dry.  

Wait 1 hour, then paint with Dixie Belle Paint.

Clean up using soap and water.  WARNING: Harmful if swallowed; keep away from eyes and children.


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2 Reviews

Kathy Jan 6th 2019


I have been painting furniture for 2 1/2 years now. Up to now, I had been using Kilz as my primer which tends to leave brush marks because of it’s thickness, plus brush cleanup was impossible. I just used Boss today for the 1st time & I absolutely love this product! I wish I would’ve known about it a long time ago. This is all I will use from now on. Love it!

Becky Jul 25th 2018


This is the greatest product I think I’ve ever used. I’m painting an 1800’s mahogany bedroom set. A lot of bleed through. I ordered the DB Boss and it covered everything. Love this product!

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