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2 Chatty Chicks, Dixie Belle Paint Review!

OK, I know what you are thinking, BUT, it is one heck of an idea to use Plutonium Spray Paint and DixieBelle Paint at the same time. You just wait and see.

As I drug my vintage make up dresser from the attic to the garage, I knocked over the can of Plutonium Spray paint and a light bulb went off. SOOO I asked myself, why not hit areas of the make up table with the Aloha color before I paint it with the Dixie Belle Paint.plutonium spray paint

I removed the lid where you would store your make up, covered the mirror and decided to use the Plutonium on this section. I am glad I did because I really like the way the Plutonium distresses.12dixiebell

Doing it this way is such a great idea because, One, you are applying your undercoat with the Plutonium, which will be totally dry by the time you are ready to start painting with the Dixie Belle Paint. Two, you are not having to wait hours for your first coat to dry. Third, able to apply only one coat of Dixie Belle is even better.

This is 1 coat. Love that color. Oh and the color is Soft Pink

Doing it this way, you not only have the Aloha color to show but you have the original color. Love these 2 colors together.

This is where I thought I had really boofed when I added the French transfer letter from Graphics Fairy.plutonium spray paint

First I applied DixieBelle Paint, then put a little on the transfer paper and laid it in place. WITHOUT looking to see if I had the wording upside down or not. UM..not only did I do it on one side I did it on the other side. I was like oh gesh.

I wanted to add a surprise in the make up compartment so I added another image transfer. When you have the images that don’t go from side to side on the paper you don’t lay the complete sheet of paper flat, only where the image is. So you don’t leave the paper impression!image transfer

Now the decision to glaze or not to glaze. I hadn’t really thought about it up to this point and the more I looked at the piece I really wanted it to look old and worn. So I took one of the drawer fronts and added a brown glaze. I don’t have the recipe that I used because I am trying to use up all the mixed up things I have in my shop. I need room. Any brown glaze will work or you can make your own with glaze and paint or glaze and powder pigments.15 dixie belle

I loved the look with the glaze. I also love the color of the leg in the upper right corner of picture.

Oh yes I forgot to tell you that I sprayed the inside of the drawers also and the drawer pulls. Once I put the pulls on I glazed them also.

I painted some books to go with the dresser. Turned out pretty cute!plutonium and dixie belle