Learn How To Use Sea Glass on a Dresser

Watch as we take this tired but amazing looking dresser and transform it into this lovely piece. What stood out to us first was all the drawers and different sizes it had. So many options this could be used for. Our first thoughts was that it would be an amazing front entry way piece or could be used near a kitchen.

Since the piece was in good condition and we had a vision in mind, we bought the piece. Our first step was to take off all the hardware and get it ready for sanding. We decide to stain the top with Dixie Belle’s No Pain Gel Stain Walnut. This stuff goes on so easily and is nice to work with. Quickly the piece starts to come to life.

Next we decided on Dixie Belle’s Sea Glass Paint. We used Dixie Belle’s Chip brush and large brush for this project. These brushes not only apply a good amount of paint evenly. They also clean up nicely. We used this color on a piece previously and the feedback on it was amazing. So here we are again using that color! The paint goes on so smooth and easy to work with that in no time, I had this piece painted and ready for the next step.

Next step was to clear coat it. We went with Dixie Belle’s Flat Clear coat. This drys nice and clear. It goes on very simple. Just a few shakes of the bottle and then open.

Next thing you know, we are putting the hardware back on and getting it ready for pictures. We will have it up sale and into a clients home soon. Cant wait to see their faces light up when they put it into their home.