How to Use Best Dang Wax in Grunge Gray

Best Dang Wax is a creamy, smooth and easy to use furniture wax.

  • 1.Allow Dixie Belle Paint to dry completely for 15 minutes before applying Best Dang Wax.
  • 2.Apply a layer of Best Dang Wax with a cloth or brush.
  • 3.Allow Best Dang Wax 15-20 minutes to set, this is your allotted “playtime”.
  • 4.Buff Best Dang Wax with a lint free cloth to smooth and buff.
  • 5.You may distress before or after waxing.
  • 6.You may choose to Clear Coat before or after applying the wax, if you choose to clear coat after applying the wax make sure the wax has dried completely.

Grunge Gray Wax, we have had a lot of people wanting wax that is similar to our grunge gray glaze, it gives a really nice depth without being too dark, it also highlights pieces too! We came out with Grunge Gray Wax! It is a pretty soft gray, but you can make it a bit darker if you would like by adding layers. It’s great for layering!

Apply using a chip brush, you can cut the bristles down to use as a wax brush, so the bristles aren’t so feathery depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Grunge Gray wax is nice and creamy just like our other Best Dang Waxes. Emphasize the nooks and crannies, the corners, and wax in the areas you want. Rub and buff it all out with a lint free cloth. It really brings a lot of depth to the piece, its not super dark like black is but you do get that rich color in there.

You don’t have to wax or clear coat beforehand, of course you can but you don’t need to. If applying Clear Coat over the wax, make sure that your wax is dry. Check to see if the wax is tacky or sticky before applying Clear Coat for added protection!

If the grunge gray wax is too much, you can use the clear wax to erase! So, don’t worry about being to heavy handed because it really blends beautifully with the paint. Water based, non-toxic, no awful smells, it is like no other Wax you will find on the market! You can make different tones and shades by mixing Grunge Gray wax and Black wax.

All Best Dang Waxes come in a 10 oz container, we also have the Sack O’ Wax which includes four, 4oz waxes in the colors, Black, Brown, White, and Grunge Gray!