How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Painted Furniture

Do you love Dixie Belle Paint? Are you a painting furniture pro? Well pro or no, we’ve got your back when it comes to big paint problems.

Don’t get too worried though! Big problems don’t mean impossible problems. We’ve got solutions! Check out these important tips and tricks to solve some common painting problems.

The biggest problem with painted furniture is that improper cleaning or application can lead to peeling, scratching and an overall unsatisfactory finished product. Always clean your piece with White Lightning before painting.

White Lightning is super easy to use!

Step One: Dissolve two heaping tablespoons per one gallon of hot water.

Step Two: Use gloves and squeeze access from cloth.

Step Three: Rinse with clean warm water and wipe after.

Step Four: Do not let puddles sit.

Ta-Da! Your piece is now clean of grime, grease and dirt.

It is important to allow your piece to dry before painting (after cleaning) and in between layers of paint or clear coat. Be patient! If you rush the process, you won’t be satisfied with the results.

While your piece of furniture is drying, soak in the bathtub with a good book or binge watch a season of your favorite show. Did you plant spring flowers in your garden yet? No? Plant some flowers while your piece dries.

Now you’ve got some pretty flowers in your garden, you’ve finished a good book and watched too much TV. It’s time to paint! But oh no, you’ve just applied too much paint to the piece!

This is definitely a common problem when it comes to painting furniture. People often apply too much product which can make the paint dry on the outside before on the inside. That certainly doesn’t sound like it’ll look good.

But no worries, there’s a solution here too. Just remember, a little bit of Dixie Belle Paint goes a long way. Start slow and small.

Finally, it is so important to start with a damp (not wet!) brush before painting. Do not forget because this makes all the difference in the outcome in your painted piece! A dry brush will soak up your product while a damp one will give you a smooth final look. Damp definitely extends your product further!

You are now armed with new knowledge and can proudly battle big paint problems with ease. We can’t wait to see your latest designs using Dixie Belle Paint. Be sure to share them with us on social media.