Big Mama's Butta

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Big Mama's Butta
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  • Fresh & Clean: Hints of mint and eucalyptus. A crisp and airy smell will remind you of Spring all year round!
  • Flannel: Woodsy and warm, Flannel has notes of cedar and leather, with a masculine and musky fragrance.
  • Ginger Zen: Warm amber infused with spicy ginger. Combines comforting notes of amber with a hint of exotic spice.
  • Orange Grove: Captures the zesty freshness of ripe oranges, delivering a burst of citrus that is both invigorating and sophisticated. Balances the brightness of oranges with a refined elegance.
  • Suzanne’s Garden: Delicately captures the essence of fresh rose petals in bloom. Blends floral notes with a gentle touch.
  • Unscented

Introducing Big Mama's Butta, the ultimate all-natural solution for enhancing wood grain and neutralizing odors. Not only does it revitalize and soften leather, but it also works wonders on both chalk painted and unpainted surfaces.

Experience the delightful fragrance and benefits of Big Mama's Butta. Packed with all-natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and carnauba wax, it leaves your furniture smelling divine. The water-resistant formula ensures lasting protection, while its soft and buttery texture makes application a breeze. Now, you can effortlessly revive, rejuvenate, and seal your furniture all in one easy peasy step with Big Mama's Butta. Discover the transformative power of this exceptional product today!

Both scented and unscented are great for adding extra glide to sticky drawers!

Can be used on painted or unpainted surfaces
Step 1:
Allow Chalk Mineral Paint to dry completely.
Step 2:
Apply with a brush or lint-free cloth and buff excess.
Clean up with soap and warm water. Store at room temperature.
Dry Time:
Cure Time:
7 Days.