Introducing Dixie Shine, the perfect addition to elevate your DIY projects with a touch of shimmer and elegance. Similar to gold leaf, Dixie Shine offers a stunning metallic finish that adds a captivating glow to any surface. Whether you're transforming furniture, home décor, or crafting masterpieces, this innovative product will effortlessly enhance your creations. With its easy application and exceptional quality, Dixie Shine opens up a world of possibilities to infuse your projects with a radiant and luxurious allure. Let your creativity shine bright with Dixie Shine!

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  • Belles and Whistles Dixie Shine 
Three rolls of Dixie Shine in each color with their appropriate packaging behind each roll. Staged on a white background.

    Dixie Shine

    Copper is a vibrant color bound to add a pop to any project. Gold is a true gold hue certain to give your projects a regal, elegant flair.   Silver will add some bling to your piece with its stunning sparkle and shine.   PLEASE...

2 of 2 Items

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