Amethyst Chalk Mineral Paint

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Embark on a creative journey with Amethyst, a furniture paint that draws inspiration from the rich and deep hues of the amethyst gemstone. Renowned for its soothing strength and captivating color, this paint is not just a pigment; it's an experience.

Our versatile chalk mineral paint in amethyst is a top choice for DIY enthusiasts, suitable for a wide range of surfaces including wood, metal, plastics, brick, stone, glass, concrete, and more. It opens up a world of possibilities for transforming your furniture and unleashing your creative potential.

Immerse your living space in the regal charm of amethyst, as this bold color brings depth and beauty to your home decor. Whether you're rejuvenating an old dresser or adding a unique touch to a kitchen table, our furniture paint is your go-to solution. Let your furniture shine with the enchanting allure of amethyst, creating a serene atmosphere that elevates the aesthetic appeal of your home.

But it's not just about color; it's about the best paint for wood furniture. Amethyst ensures a seamless and professional finish, making your DIY projects a true success. Explore different paint finishes for furniture, and witness the transformative power of amethyst as it turns ordinary pieces into extraordinary works of art.

Indulge in the beauty of amethyst, a wood color paint that goes beyond the ordinary. Paint it furniture with the best paint for furniture, and let amethyst be the signature hue that defines your creative endeavors. Elevate your home with the captivating allure of Amethyst, and experience the joy of crafting personalized, stunning pieces that leave a lasting impression.

To ensure flawless results, pair it with our premium chip brush, designed to deliver effortless and precise application. And for optimal adhesion and a long-lasting finish, don't forget to prep your surface with our reliable White Lightning cleaner.

Dixie Belle Paint can be mixed and matched to create any custom color you can imagine!

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Paint Color:
Step 1:
Clean with White Lightning and rinse with clean water.
Step 2:
Shake and stir well prior to painting.
Step 3:
Use a lightly dampened brush and apply paint.
Paint Sprayer:
Use 2 oz. Floetrol or distilled water per 8 oz. of Chalk Mineral Paint.
Dry Time:
15 minutes
Cure Time:
21-30 days