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​The REAL history of who Invented chalk paint

Posted by Dixie Belle Paint Company on

The REAL history of who Invented chalk paint

Contrary to popular belief, chalk paint has been around since the Cave Men. That’s right, calcium carbonite (better known as chalk) was detected in most every prehistoric cave paintings from 10,000 to 40,000 B.C.

                                                          cave man chalk painting

                                          Copyright: <a href=''>alexcoolok / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Also, chalk was found in paintings in the 11 th and 12th centuries in wall paintings in India. It has been discovered in paintings throughout humans existence on earth…..In more recent history of the very early 1900’s, clay and chalk were put in to make oil paints flow better and to make them cheaper as well.

Now, fast forward to modern day, there is a HUGE variety of chalk paint. Annie Sloan, DIYers and other brands of chalk paint use a variety of additives such as plaster of paris, clay or chalk and some use a combination.

    chalk paint in bucketsWhy Can't Suppliers of chalk paint use the term chalk paint?

Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd., better known as Annie Sloan paint, trademarked the term “ Chalk Paint” on April 23, 2013. Because this is now a trademarked word, you will see companies use all variations of the term. For this reason, we call our paint “Chalk Mineral Paint”.  

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