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Summer ROCKS!

Posted by Dixie Belle Paint Company on

The Summer ROCKS Project was created to influence people to be kind and present. Too often our summers are full of video games and television. The rock painting craze has excited the nation—everyone is racing to get outside and join the national treasure hunt. Dixie Belle Paint Company and participating retailers are looking to make a difference in your community with Summer ROCKS! Keep your eyes peeled for unique Dixie Belle painted rocks and if you are lucky you may find one with a special offer!

Dixie Belle Paint Company has a group named Summer ROCKS! Join our Facebook Group “Summer ROCKS!” for inspiration and ideas for your own painted rocks. When you hide a rock, you know that someone will find it and smile. You can completely brighten someone’s day with one painted rock.

The activity is fun, simple and perfect for summer. Paint, hide and find! Make sure to share pictures of the rocks you find and hide to our Summer ROCKS Facebook Group. You may choose to take a picture of the rock and then leave it where you found it or you may re-hide it. If you would like to take a rock home you are encouraged to replace it with another painted rock. Children and adults alike are taking part in the summer fun and spreading kindness throughout the community.

Painted rocks have uplifting messages, cute pictures, love notes, and even Dixie Belle Paint discounts! The most important goal of this project is to get kids and parents outside to spend time together and make memories. Another goal of this project is to promote random acts of kindness. As an act of kindness, Dixie Belle Paint Company is donating a percentage of profits to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Dixie Belle Paint Company is also hosting a community workshop for kids to paint rocks and create happy memories. It only takes one small act to impact someone else. When we are kind to people, it makes them feel happy and doing something for someone else is rewarding. When those around us are happier, our world becomes a brighter place to live. When you are kind to friends, family and acquaintances, your kids will be influenced to be kind as well.

Spread love, happiness and kindness because Summer ROCKS! Join in the summer fun, explore your community and look for those hidden painted rocks. While this project began in the United States it has extended to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, India, Thailand, Haiti, Italy and England. We can truly impact the world positively if we stand together and support each other. Kindness is contagious, are you ready to make a difference today?

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